The three 'e's

What are the three 'e's in our name, "e3"?


The three 'e's reflect our promise to be effective, efficient and economic.


effective - our support and advice is focussed on one thing and one thing only: achieving your goals.


efficient - we understand that your time and financial resources are limited. Our advice and support always reflects the need to use your resources efficiently.


economic - our solutions provide clear value for money given the importance of the issue (value as judged by you not us).


How does this benefit you?


Businesses say that too many lawyers simply regurgitate what the law says and don't help the client to choose the correct path for them. e3employment law LLP is different: we use our legal expertise and decades of experience to provide you with effectived tailored solutions for your specific needs and we give a clear recommendation.  


Businesses say that the issues seem to get stuck onto a legal conveyor belt which relentlessly grinds on incurring cost, time, effort and other resources as well as causing a distraction to the organisation. e3employment law LLP is different: we identify and pursue the most effective way to reach your goals. 


Businesses say that lawyers sometimes seem to treat budgets as 'aspirational' rather than commercial reality so that legal support can end up costing more than the issue is worth. e3employment law LLP is different: we provide support that makes economic sense.


Businesses tell us that legal support that is effective, efficient and economic  adds real commerical value. Our "e to the power of 3" logo represents the exponential commercial benefit of legal support that is always effective, efficient and economic.

effective x efficient x economic (e3) = exceptional

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