Our Structure - streamlined

Businesses often struggle with the costs that typically come with the top quality legal expertise that they need and want. Even though businesses appreciate the value of getting that quality of advice, the economics are a barrier meaning that legal support isn't always obtained. Sometimes that can result in serious commercial problems.


e3 operates on a streamlined economic basis so that e3 is lean and efficient; the firm is specifically honed and prepared for the role that business wants its legal partners to fulfil.


We ruthlessly assess the value of every cost element on an ongoing basis. We only keep those cost elements that produce a real benefit to the client. We do not to spend money on many of the expensive overheads that other firms have. (Overheads that very few clients need or want but which every client pays for within the legal fees they are charged.)   


By removing these "costs without benefits" we reduce our overhead costs and pass the savings on direct to our clients. This means e3's clients only pay for the service that they actually want and use.  


This means that you can significantly reduce your legal spend without compromising on quality.  In fact, we believe that we provide a better quality of service than our competitors.

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