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e3 employment law LLP takes data security extremely seriously. Our security measures include using secure hosted practice management sytems specific to the legal profession, Tier 3 data centres with ISO 27001 accredited security, encrypted laptops, robust virus protection and strict user protocols. 


The Corporate Entity

A corporate entity instructing e3 employment law LLP is not a data subject because it is not a living person. We take extreme care with our corporate client's data as a matter of principle but data subject rights under the relevant data protection legislation do not arise in relation to the corporate client.


Individuals who communicate with us on behalf of the Corporate Client

If you correspond with us on behalf of a corporate client  (eg to provide instructions, information or for adminstrative) then please see the Privacy Notice for Unsolicited Correspondents.


Individuals referred to whist dealing with our Corporate Client's instructions

The nature of the employment law services we provide to our corporate clients and the issues upon which clients seek advice means that we will inevitably receive data about identifiable individuals in the course of dealing with those instructions. Typically this will include our client's past and present employees/workers and/or potential recruits. We will also receive personal information about other parties to legal matters and/or their professional advisers and their employees/workers  as may be applicable or similar in connection with the matter upon which we are asked to advise.  

This means that if you are an individual whose personal information may be processed by us as a result of us providing our services, we will process a range of different personal data according relevant to the issue in focus and the precise nature of the services we are instructed to provide.

For example, where we provide employment law advice to a corporate client, we may receive and then process personal information concerning that client’s employees/workers including but not limited to their names, address, date of birth, employment status and special categories of data (previously known as sensitive personal data), salary details and similar. We might also need to process personal information as part of our interactions with other third parties such as those instructed by us, our clients or other persons or companies involved with us in the provision of legal services (such as other law firms, experts or other relevant third parties).

IMPORTANT: When we process personal data as a result of providing legal services to others such as our clients we are not required to provide information to any individual about how we process their personal information.


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