Our Service - exceptional

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest possible standard of service; a service which is tailored specifically to their business. 


We absolutely refuse to compromise on the quality of our service. As a result,  we invest heavily in advanced infrastructure (including leading technology, telephony and business continuity systems) to improve and protect our interaction and service delivery to clients.


This ensures that e3 clients have at least the same level of reassurance that they would get from a larger and far more costly law firm.


Service delivery in practice


e3 clients have a dedicated client team who know and understand that business. The team is led by an experienced partner who is personally responsible to that client for every aspect of the relationship, including service delivery.  The client team will only include experienced lawyers.  We know how important continuity is to clients so we do not change lawyers within the client team other than in the most exceptional circumstances; and even then only with the clear agreement of the client.


We do not overcommit


We focus on fewer clients and dedicate ourselves to forging productive long term relationships. Our streamlined cost base allows us to do this, because we don't have to squeeze in as many clients as possible just to cover expensive overheads. (Read more)


In practical terms this means that we provide more attention to each client and have greater availability generally. We do not have to do any of our clients' work at the end of a 12 hour working day.  Neither will we pass a client's work from lawyer to lawyer to try to fit it in. 

large firm expertise ... within a more dedicated service

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